Clothing labels

Biktime offers production of woven, printed and sublimation labels together with clothing rebranding service. For ready-made clothes we will remove the original labels and replace them with your own ones.

If you are starting your own clothing brand you should take into consideration investing in own brand labels. It is a key element of a brand image - it boost your brand’s prestige, decorates clothing and provides additional information: fabric composition, size, care and product origin information.

Clothing addons

At Biktime, the tiniest details are making a difference. This is why we offer production of clothing add-ons. It is a great way to enhance your brand value and luxury in your customer’s eyes. Clothing add-ons include embroidered patches, rubber patches, printed price and hang tags, and custom seals.

Offered by us solutions and services tailored for individuals interested in creating their own clothing line will result in creation of high quality products that can be proudly offered to a customer. We guarantee a quality that will help you achieve a success as a new brand in the market. By delegating all aspects of the production to us, you will save a lot of time and budget, which you will be able to invest in other tasks related to your new venture.