Sublimation print is an extremely durable method used to print on bright, polyester materials . The most popular clothing used to print on with this method are: T-shirts, tops, crewnecks, as well as accessories such as pillow. Sublimation is durable as the ink permanently penetrates into the material structure, making it resistant to repeated washing and non-sensible to the touch. It is the best method for printing multicolored photos and graphics.

Most common use for sublimation print are extremely popular full-print hoodies and t shirts. Another popular use is for sports clothing, especially for teams, for example bike racing, marathons or survival races.

Sublimation can only be applied to the materials that were not coated with additional protective agents (for example waterproof), that are 100% polyester, without any other admixture of the fabric. On top of that, we can only print on “light colored” materials, for example white or bright grey. It is absolutely not possible to print on dark materials.

Sublimation has no setup cost, therefore you can start with relatively small amounts. With sublimation, price will drop with increased quantity but not as much as it does with screen print for example.

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