Flex foil has a very smooth surface and has only 1 color to be used at the time. It is printed on the clothing with a use of heat press. In our offer, we have flex foil with many colors that special effects. Flex foil can be used on any kind of material: cotton, polyester, elastane and the others.

Great thing about flex foil print is the ability to print on single pieces of clothing, because there are no setup costs. A vector file with the project is transferred to the plotter, which cuts the foil according to the design. With flex foil you can achieve really original and outstanding effects on your products.

The final price of the flex foil print is based on the print size and the amount of clothing to be printed on.

When you should use flex foil?

  • Perfect for simple, 1 color prints
  • Ability to get unique colors
  • Can be used on all kind of materials
  • Premium flex foil can be used for sport clothing as it will stretch together with the material

What you should know about flex foil?

  • No use for projects with a lot of colors
  • Should be washed outside out, max 30 degrees
  • Not possible with a lot of small elements on the design

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