Embroidery is the most elegant technique that is perfectly suited for marking all kinds of clothing. Depending on the client’s preferences, embroidery is done by different color stitches, tailoring them to the specific design.

The cost of embroidery is directly influenced by the size and the amount of stitches of the embroidered pattern. Embroidery has a setup cost, as vector graphics have to be exported into special embroidery program. The approximate cost of setup is 100 dkk eks moms (for each new design) – this is paid only once and will stay in our system for later use if needed.

Computer embroidery is not only the most exclusive, but also the most durable decoration method, and therefore does not require special washing instructions. Our embroidery shop offers threads that do not lose their color and properties even after washing them many times. It is very important to remember, embroidery is not suitable for delicate and thin fabrics of low weights (below 190gsm). Therefore if you want to make embroidery on a t shirt – make sure first that it is at least 190gsm.

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