Digital Print DTG

DTG digital printing is one of the most advanced decorating techniques in the industry, even the smallest detail will be printed perfectly. Ideal for printing multicolored photos. DTG is used mainly to print on cotton clothes and accessories: t shirts, hoodies, polo t-shirts etc.

DTG is an alternative method for screen printing that uses special printers to print directly on the fabric as normal printer does on a piece of paper.

The price of the DTG print is influenced by the print size, and the color of the material that the print will be made on. In the case of colored fabrics (for example black), there is always a white underlay, which gives better durability and much better colors.

The maximum print size with DTG is 40×60 cm. It is important to mention that price of the DTG print will remain the same, no matter if making print on 1 or 100 t shirts/hoodies.

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